Benjamin Muñoz Releases Single, 'Melle'

Buckle up! Canadian electronic artist Benjamin Muñoz recently put out his first-ever single entitled "Melle". Containing elements of choppy jazz piano, vocal sampling and subtle bass grooves, the track serves as the ideal listen for your midnight commute home. But for those who dislike pretentious descriptions of music, "Melle" is basically what you'd hear during those witty, black background/white text Adult Swim commercial breaks. 

You can stream Muñoz's "Melle" below:

According to Benjamin, "Melle" is just the beginning as it is a tease of his upcoming (release date/title TBA) EP. This is exciting as the track shows Muñoz's prowess as an electronic producer with his clear attention to detail and ability to layer various sounds ranging from piano samples to percussion without clutter - a skill many amateurs fail to master and thus, release messy tracks bound to make you cringe and not "fuck with the vision".

So while you eagerly anticipate Benjamin Muñoz's upcoming EP release and your Adidas windbreaker to come in the mail, you can keep up with the bloke on:

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