Former Coliseum Frontman Re-emerges With Fotocrime

More than a decade after the 2003 formation of Coliseum, frontman Ryan Patterson is now resurfacing with post-punk outfit Fotocrime. Under the pseudonym R. Pattern, he and longtime collaborator J. Robbins have crafted Fotocrime’s new EP Always Hell at Robbins’ Magpie Cage Studio.

The title track is streamable now, and the full release will be available on May 12th, 2017.

Featuring guitar tones that will be familiar to longtime fans of his, R. Pattern introduces analog synths, drum machines and darker-than-ever lyrics to Fotocrime that set the project apart from his former musical endeavors. Drawing inspiration from cloak-and-dagger crime fiction, dark Rockabilly crooners and Technicolor melodrama, Patterns new music excites the listener with a sense of Cold War paranoia, modern-day malaise and smoky noir.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the release of Always Hell.

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