Haunted Homes Share Spooktacular Music Video With Fans

It's not even Halloween, but we're getting spooky as all heck up in here. Haunted Homes, Philly's own, have recently shared their music video for their track, "COASTGHOST2COAST."

Check it out below!

The black & white music video sports a surreal spacey cowboy feel. I mean you've got ghosts drinking beverages, what more could you want? "COASTGHOST2COAST" comes off of Haunted Homes CoastGhost2Coast / Spooksville, USA - a two-track EP that came out in February.

Haunted Homes is expected to have a release in early summer, which we're looking forward to here at The Hook. This group is doing something different and exciting - and making good music while they're at it, so what's not to like?

Check out the music video up above, and to keep up with Haunted Homes, check out their social media below to stay up to date!

Haunted Homes: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp