New Song from Have Mercy Premiered Exclusively with CLRVYNT

You may have read a previous article about Have Mercy releasing their single “Good Christian Man” from their upcoming album, Make The Best Of It. Now they’re back with another single off the album, which is due in full on Friday, April 21st. The new single is called “Baby Grand,” and Have Mercy has partnered with CLRVYNT to release the song exclusively.

Check it out below!

In an interview on their site. CLRVYNT said about the track, “Tender but powerful, it conveys both deep loneliness and warm comfort. It’s a ballad that tugs at heartstrings with desperate conviction, but also burns with a hopeful urgency.”

Pretty powerful words for a powerful song. Lead singer of Have Mercy, Brian Swindle, had his own words to say about the song: “’Baby Grand’ is a song of just regret. Regretting leaving a good situation or ‘thing’ that you had with someone over stupid reasons. It’s about trying to find a way to get back to that time but never being able to.” 

The full album, Make The Best Of It, was a passion project that took months of hard work trying to capture the essence of Have Mercy as a band. After seven months of crafting it, the album drops tomorrow, and with songs like “Baby Grand” and “Good Christian Man” it’s sure to be an emotional whopper. Check out the track listing below, and listen to “Baby Grand” (also read the full interview with CLRVYNT) through the link. 

You can also catch Have Mercy on tour soon, along with Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside and Nothing, Nowhere, starting on April 27th and ending on June 9th. 

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