New Single “Mysteries of Nature” From Mouth Breather

Montreal alt-funk solo artist Owen Hooper, more commonly known as Mouth Breather, has released his new single and music video, “Mysteries of Nature.”

Check out the video below!

The video gives off a ‘70’s vibe, and features Mouth Breather singing directly into the camera in a yellow-hued blast of color and energy. The song captures Mouth Breather’s upbeat personality and represents the singer passionately, romantically, politically and socially. “Mysteries of Nature” was born from a jam session with Mouth Breather and his friends last summer, and with a funky bass-line and catchy beat, the track is bound to get stuck in your head. The music video is certainly eye-catching enough to hold the viewer’s attention. Directed by William Wilkinson, the video was shot on an old TV zoom lens to give it more of that vivacious 70’s feel.

“Mysteries of Nature” is funky, fun, colorful, and it continues Mouth Breather’s tradition of bringing his philosophy to his music. From the official video release via Atwood Magazine, Mouth Breather’s purpose with his music “is to ask abstract questions with little hope of an answer. The youth of today are told they can be whatever they want, but Mouth Breather is here to remind them that they can’t.” “Mysteries of Nature” does just that.

Give it a listen and watch the video below, and hear more of Mouth Breather’s music on his social media. 

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