'Speak Soft' Video Release From Post Modern

Ohio ambient rock band Post Modern has just released their new single and music video, “Speak Soft.” The song will remind you of bands like Brand New (one of my favorites when I’m in the right mood) and Circa Survive, and it’s about dealing with a loss of faith and the internal struggles that can arise from trying to redeem yourself.

Formed in 2015, Post Modern is composed of lead singer and guitarist Matty McClelland, drummer and vocalist Nick Scarberry, guitarist Aaron Wicklow and bassist Aaron Nichols. Post Modern is known for their atmospheric instrumentals and haunting vocals, and they don’t disappoint with “Speak Soft.”

Turn it up, and it’ll take you to a different place. I tend to daydream when I listen to really good songs, and this one was powerful enough to inspire some pretty intense images in my head. 

Check out the video below!

Matty McClelland had this to say about the track: “I wrote this song describing my relationship with God, and trying to regain the communication and connection that has seemed to erode over the years. However, it can describe a loss and desire to reconnect with anyone, like a friend, lover, or parent. ‘Speak Soft’ is a personal song for me specifically, but I wanted almost anyone to be able to relate to it and the struggle it describes.”

Whether you relate to it or not, it’s worth listening to. Post Modern recently finished up a tour with Dreamcatcher, and they have plans to get on the road again soon, as well as release a lot more new material in 2017. 

Check out the music video for “Speak Soft” above (you can also get the song through iTunes and Spotify), and connect with Post Modern on their social media below!

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