Stay Inside Release 'Radio Silence'

Brooklyn-based post-hardcore band, Stay Inside, has released their single “Radio Silence” in anticipation of the April 21st release of their debut EP, As You Were.

Check out their demo to get a taste of Stay Inside below!

Vocalist/guitarst Bartees Cox, Jr. says of the new single, "Thematically, 'Radio Silence' is a song about how people in relationships change over time and the choices people have to make to get through those situations. By the end of the song, we get to a point where we’re just happy to be drinking and partying instead of worrying about the next hard decisions and changes that are to come."

Each drawing from their experience living in vastly different parts of the country from the others, the four aim to take a stance in their new music on behalf of the marginalized, the depressed and anyone looking to challenge the rituals of conformity.

Cox describes the purpose of their music, “…“To show folks all over that whether it’s about significant others, family, cops, misogyny, racism, or anything else, they have four friends in Brooklyn yelling and screaming for them.” Stay Inside being a diverse group themselves, he also notes, “I grew up listening to so many hardcore and emo bands wondering why they didn’t have more black kids in them,” and “…the amount of women in emo/post-hardcore was disappointing.”

Keep a watchful eye for the release of As You Were on April 21 (self release). In the meantime, catch Stay Inside at a show and check out their social media below!

Stay Inside tour dates:
4/14 - The Fat House - Philadelphia, PA
4/20 - The Gateway - Brooklyn, NY

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