Exclusive Video Premiere: Cult Choir Shares "Hey, Bijou"

The transplant of Philly-Portland-Nashville, Cult Choir is excited to exclusively premiere their newest music video for their track "Hey, Bijou." The track is off of Cult Choir's upcoming 6th album, It Comes At Night, and it features Cult Choir's friend and up and coming drag queen, Bijou Bentley.

Check out the video below!

Combining elements of garage, doo-wop, goth, and hip-hop Cult Choir says his always evolving style comes from his love of all types of music and inability to stick to one sound. Hoping to put out his most raw and personal material yet, he's eyeing a late summer/ early fall release date and promises to drop some more DIY music videos along the way.

You heard it here, stay tuned for future Cult Choir releases, and to keep up to date, check out his social media down below!

Cult Choir: Facebook // Bandcamp