Vanish Sign To Outerloop Records

Post-hardcore quintet VANISH, a rock group from New Jersey (the state I grew up in, which means I automatically have a soft spot for these guys), has officially signed with Outerloop Records. Outerloop has signed artists like Lorna Shore, Youth in Revolt, and A Wake in Providence, and now they’ve added VANISH to their list.

VANISH is a band that combines pop and hardcore rock into songs that will remind listeners of artists like Pierce the Veil and, ever the iconic punk band, My Chemical Romance. (“Welcome to the Black Parade,” anyone?) To get an idea of what VANISH has to offer, fans can listen to their new single, “DEAD,” which VANISH has partnered exclusively with New Noise Magazine to release. The song and music video combination showcases the band’s personality, and the song itself is about being betrayed by someone you love. 

Check it out below!

Influenced by other bands like Mariana’s Trench and Sleeping With Sirens, VANISH still brings their own unique style and expression to their sound, topping off their music with emotional lyrics and energetic live performances. The video for “DEAD” gives viewers a chance to see what a live show from VANISH would be like, while evoking the strong emotions that the lyrics of the song bring up.

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