Jesse Eplan Releases Music Video

Get ready to fan yourself, ladies, because teenage heartthrob Jesse Eplan is here with his music video for "Dreams"! The release is exciting as it is the first-ever single released by the 17-year-old Pop/R&B artist from New York. Below, you can stream the captivating music video featuring Jesse singing at the camera in various locations, cut with shots of him on a date with a gorgeous young woman whom **SPOILER ALERT** eventually knocks a basketball out of his hands to his despair.

But enough hype, you can stream the video for "Dreams" below!

Given his age, it will be interesting to see what Jesse cooks up as he gets older and experiences more harsh realities of life. Regardless, he has a good base given his perfect pitch and keen ability in "making beats". I just want to hear more personal, grounded music from the artist given his usage of age-old "Yeah-ees" found in his debut as there are cynical folks (like myself) who would find that kind of stuff clichè and that can pigeon hole the young artist trying to make a name for himself. Nonetheless, Jesse is a talented young man with a promising future should he choose to keep working at his craft and explore.

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