Gear Up For The"So What?!" Music Festivals's 10th Anniversary

Deep inside the heart of America, mobs of angsty, slightly overweight 30 somethings will don their sh-medium hot topic t-shirts and descend on the unsuspecting town of Grand Prairie, Texas for the "So What?!" music festival. This year the festival hits its 10 year mark and will be hosting a whopping 100 artist of genres that range from mostly pop-punk and metal-core, to dance and folk. 

Beginning on March 24, the 3 stage festival is designed to be more of an intimate experience for concert goers than an enormous, overly promoted event where each stage has its own corporate sponsor. The formula that founder Mike Ziemer had in mind has proven to be attractive to festival goers everywhere as the festival is becoming one of the most well known in the country.

So What?! An event "by fans, for fans", says Mike, so make sure you pop in!


So what?! Music Festival Website

Check the setlist below!