Braveyoung Releases 'Misery And Pride' LP

Who doesnt love the occational 8+ minute depressing intrumental track?

Portland Oregon's Braveyoung are living up to their rainy atmosphere in their new LP "Misery And Pride" released March 31st from  The Flesner.  The ambiance-rock provides a soundtrack to your lonely walk through the park or for the moments before your dramatic Game of Thrones style execution.

The trio have had an extensive touring career and have experimented with a slew of sad sounds that have shaped this second album into a melancholy look through the damp grayness of life. They were originally classified as post-rock but have since moved on into into almost classical sound fitting to moments of emotional confusion and tribulation.

The beauty about instrumentals is that the lack of lyrics mean the interpretation is entirely up to the listener. You will find many reviews claiming to know what the songs mean and why they're constructed this way, but the only way to know is to listen yourself.

The only thing for certain is that among the emotions felt, blissful joy is not what you'll be feeling here...unless your happiest when your saddest.

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