SØF Release New Single 'Infinity'

Infinity CompFEB13@16x16png (1).png

From spunky indie-pop artist SØF comes her new single “Infinity,” fresh off the release of her first single “Ghosts” in January. “Infinity” reveals SØF’s personal fantasies and unveils another enticing layer to her artistry.

The song is about the relationship between love and existentialism – “two things that are not often grouped together,” says the singer. She says “Infinity” is one of her favorite songs to date, combining romance and the concept of human existence in a beautiful melody that perfectly weds the two together. “As someone who does not believe in an afterlife, especially one where lovers can be reunited, Infinity was written as an expression of my ultimate fantasy – to have a love completely uninterrupted by time and space,” SØF says. The lyrics and the haunting melody spin a cosmic image of just what the singer describes, and it comes across vastly different from her onstage personality of a cheeky, spunky indie-pop singer.

“Infinity” strays from SØF’s younger career, following a less conventional structure than her usual mainstream pop persona. The soulful vocals in the song show a different side to SØF; one which will continue to shine through as she releases more singles every month in the first half of 2017.

“Infinity” is available for listening now on Spotify, and you can hear SØF’s first single, “Ghosts,” on YouTube. Stay connected with SØF through her social media and watch out for her new releases in the next few months!

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