Andrew Huston Shares 'How It Feels'

Langhorne, PA's very own Andrew Huston has been hard at work paving his way in the Philadelphia (and surrounding area scene) by playing in various bands and acts. Over the past two years, Huston has started to write his own songs, creating his unique brand of folk-rock, all the while playing at open mic nights and bars while still drumming and performing in other bands. 

And now Huston shares with The Hook his recent track off of his Demo sessions called, "How It Feels." Huston has recorded several at-home demos, but is now working on his first EP, expected out in the near-not-so-distant future.

Check out "How It Feels" below!

The track was released in early February, and flows in the listening atmosphere. The beautiful, hard working love child of acoustic and folk sounds. Huston's voice is a perfect mixture of longing and knowing - making us excited for what is to come next from the singer/songwriter.

Until then, check out the track above, and then check out Huston's social media below to stay up to date!

Andrew Huston: Facebook