Uncle Frank Release Double Side Single

80's synth rock makes a welcome appearance in Uncle Frank's new double sided single Love Lion and Tokyo. According to the band, the new album will be out "soon" and will deliver some funk rock jams to their funk rock fans. The duo has already had a renowned presence overseas, garnering multiple plays on BBC Radio 2 and BBC6 and features in some popular UK magazines. 

If anything categorizes this band, it’s the constant use of sounds like "hey", "oooouhh", and "oohhh". These sounds take the place of lyrics and only seem to induce mild eye rolling. The 4 piece is led by  multi-instrumentalists Frank Benbini & Naim Cortazzi who work to give us the ideal jam for a summertime 30 and up dance party. The two sided single is a continuation of their office party DJ style and will soon be heard at bar-b-ques around the world.  They sit on the line of lame and cute where countless bands stay until they eventually disband. Hopefully something drastic happens to energize these semi pro groove seekers.

If you want more of the PG-13 feel good jams, check their social media!

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