Little Person’s “Perfect Girls” Now Released

You may remember reading about Little Person’s single “Solemn Is The Only Word” off their new EP, I Feel Fine, scheduled for release on April 3rd. Now they’re back with another track from the EP, and this one is called “Perfect Girls.”

The song premiered through Impose Magazine, who said that the single “blends Beach Boys inspired surf rock and 50’s style sock hop pop, told through bright jangle guitar and gentle orchestration.” If that description isn’t enough to get you to listen to it, I don’t know what is.

Check it out below!

Little Person offered their own statement on the song, saying, “This is the track off the EP that we put the most work into. With all the harmonies and extra orchestral instrumentation, it’s kind of like Little Person’s chef d’ouevre thus far. It also happens to be our favorite track on the record and the one we dance and sing along to the most.”

It’s certainly a catchy song, and it does feel distinctly Beach Boys-esque.

It succeeds in showing its 50’s inspiration; it feels like a summer song, one that you would listen to while you’re with your friends on the beach or strolling down the boardwalk. Listen to it up above, and mark April 3rd on your calendars for the release of the full EP, I Feel Fine.

A reminder that Little Person will also be celebrating the release of the EP with a performance coming up in Brooklyn on March 30th! 

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