Evening Darling Share New Single

NYC-based band Evening Darling dropped "Another Long Drive," the latest single off of their forthcoming self-titled debut album.

You can check out the single below!

The track premiered via PureVolume where the band's Nick Lerangis shared, "I started this song years ago with my friend Marc Lacuesta, sitting on his porch in Nashville. Both of us were in uncertain relationship situations: he was just starting to date someone new, I had been with someone who had moved out of the country and I couldn't stop thinking about her."

"Years later, when I brought it into Evening Darling, Erica wove in memories from our first tour, when we had no idea we were ever going to survive as a band. You only have your own perspective on memories: maybe something that holds huge romance for you is just something fun and fleeting to the other person. Maybe it's not. When you're in an unstable place you tend to cling to good memories, and 'Another Long Drive' is a picture of that instability."

Check out the soundcloud stream of Evening Darling's new track above, or check out their social media to stay up to date!

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