Up-and-Comer Alli Walker Has her 'Head In The Clouds'

Based in Toronto, EDM-pop singer-songwriter Alli Walker is stepping onto the music scene with her debut single, “Head In the Clouds.”

Check it out below!

Alli describes her music as “a fun, EDM-fused, pop sound with the musicality of funk and R&B,” and “Head In The Clouds” delivers just that. Alli says it took her a while to find her footing as an artist, but once she “stopped trying to fit in a mold and write songs that fit on the radio, that’s when I was able to find who I wanted to be as an artist and just write catchy songs about things I wanted to write about.”

Walker came up with the idea for “Head In The Clouds” when she was in the car, following the pattern of many other great artists and songs. Alli claims it’s one of her favorite songs “for it’s funky, outside-the-box, catchy, make-you-wanna-dance feel,” and it encompasses everything she was aiming for in a funky dance beat. Walker is looking to turn her music into a collaborative project with a team of people who think similarly to the way she does. She wants to make music people love listening to, and she certainly starts off on the right foot with “Head In The Clouds.”

Give it a listen, and keep an eye out for Alli Walker in the future, and check out her social media down below!

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