New Music Video From Molehill

Like most bands, Molehill are spending their March gigging around Texas in celebration of SXSW! And while down there, they've also been super proactive! Recently releasing a new music video for their track, "Hearts On Fire," The song is the title track from their new EP (releasing on May 12th) and was inspired by the "Euromaidan" protests in the Ukraine, the birthplace of vocalist Peter Manhart's mother.

Check out the video below!

"We wanted a video that would reinforce the lyrics and message of the song while also adding additional layers through the visual format," says Manhart. "Over a couple phone calls with director Matt DiMare, we were all on board with using footage of protests and revolutions. We also tossed around the idea of people being forced to watch this footage in almost a Clockwork Orange - type scenario. Matt came up with a storyline for the video which we all loved - the 'angel' character, played by Kit Hamlen, finds Peter walking through downtown Chicago like a zombie, unaware of his surroundings (not an unusual sight in any city these days), takes him to this strange building and forces him to watch protest footage and 'pay attention.' He sort of 'wakes up' out of his previous state and takes to the street himself to carry on her work."

"Hearts on Fire" was produced and engineered by J. Hall and Molehill, and is available on Spotify and iTunes. Pre-order the EP here. And for more on Molehill, check out their social media below!

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