Yawn Mower Shares Fuzzy-Pop 'Paddle Out'

“The idea was simple, make fuzzy surfy good time tunes while having a blast doing it,” Yawn Mower, a Brooklyn fuzz-pop duo, achieves this goal with glorious success on their single, “Paddle Out,” from their new album What’s All This New Piss? which was released on March 11th.

Recorded with Pat Noon (River City Extension, Brick + Mortar) at Eight Sixteen in Bayville, NJ and mastered by Alan Douches (Cage The Elephant, Brand New) at West West Side in New Windsor, NY, the new album is available on CD, Cassette and Vinyl (It is streamable on their Soundcloud as well).

“Paddle Out” features a unique blend of gritty bass, grungy guitars, indie-style vocals and radio-pop melodies. To say the least, the song is quite fun to listen to, and mentally leaves the consumer in a positive space. Check it out below!

Yawn Mower consists of Mike Chick (guitar, vocals) and Biff Swenson (drums, vocals), who decided to collaborate after frequently crossing paths in past projects. Be sure to listen to “Paddle Out,” from the new album What’s All This New Piss?

You can catch the duo at one of their shows, described as “high energy fuzz, comedic relief, and a healthy dose of familiar hits from bands much more successful than Yawn Mower.” And for more on what they're up to, check out their social media below!

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