Version 5 Releases Single

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, brother duo Version 5 recently released "Absolute Zero," a fun electro/pop rock track which will influence flashbacks of your days perusing over-the-top band merch at your local Hot Topic. It reminds me a lot of AFI's Decemberunderground album in that it channels very AFI/Winter-esque sounds especially with the high-pitched, windchime-like tones and whiny vocals in the mix.

You can stream "Absolute Zero" below!

Regarding "Absolute Zero", the band reflected:

“With this single we knew we wanted to blend a forceful breakbeat that would be at home on a Prodigy record & combine it with a stadium-rock chorus. Lyrically, the song covers the loss of a loved one, or significant other, and we use the frigid isolation of space as a metaphor for that. We hope people can relate to it- we certainly can.”

With such depth, it's hard not to be drawn to this track, especially if you're into EDM-ish rock or scene pop, I started listening to this track as Dylan Young, but I'm finishing this writing as xXDyl4n_xXDisast3R due to its heavy scene undertones. Makes you wonder if these individuals were both scene at any point - if so, what malls did they wander? Which space of Tumblr did they inhabit? Who did they "rawr xD" at? Questions bound to make you lose sleep.

Otherwise, stay tuned because in April, the duo will be releasing a music video for "Absolute Zero" and so, you must keep up with Version 5 at:

Version 5: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter

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