Tilia Releases Single, "Black Monday"

Swiss singer-songwriter Tilia recently put out "Black Monday" - a single off her upcoming album release, Pattern. The pop rock track has a deep 90's sounds to it; I felt like it was 1995 hearing the phaser-heavy guitars and slightly fuzzy bass throughout. However, this isn't to say that "Black Monday" is a tired, 90's-esque single - Tilia gives the track her own little flavor that makes it refreshing enough to enjoy in 2017.

To experience the *only-90's-kids-will-remember* nostalgia, you can stream "Black Monday" below!

Interestingly enough (yet not surprising), Tilia is much more popular in Europe, which I'd credit to her Swiss background. You can definitely hear her Euro-influence with her vocal delivery and pronunciation. It's as if she is a Swiss, female version of Billy Corgan leading her once-triumphant Smashing Pumpkins on a light, pop rock journey. Seriously though - how depressing are the Smashing Pumpkins? It's literally just Billy Corgan now surrounded by zero founding members. Ugh.

However, what's not depressing is Tilia and her 90's-esque pop rock track "Black Monday"! It's perfect for a rainy day as it contains very cloudy, slow rock elements ideal during a ride into town for bagels and coffee after the storm. Besides her 90's undertones, I'd compare her to artists like Lorde.

Otherwise, while you wait for Tilia's impending LP release Patterns due out next monthkeep up with the Swiss artist on her social media below!

Tilia: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter

Dylan Young

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