Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights Release Music Video

Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights, pop rockers from Mississippi, have emerged into the music scene with a new single off their debut EP, Give Up The Ghost.

Check out the track below!

Paul Johnson himself had this to say about the track, “Really, it’s adolescence. Being young, bored and hopeful that one day things will be whatever we make it, but right now is all that matters. Looking back as adults, we sometimes see that maybe those were the best times of our lives. Getting through those years feels like an eternity, but in the grand scheme of things, it is only a moment.”

Though Paul Johnson and the About Last Nights hail from Mississippi, they’re far from traditional southern rock, and certainly not country. Paul Johnson and drummer Zack Lewis are aiming for more of a “power pop” vibe in their music, “power” being the operative word. Inspired by bands like Cheap Trick and The Foo Fighters, as well as Weezer and Sloan, Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights bring high energy and enthusiasm to their unique brand of rock n’ roll. They can transition from full-on rock to a power ballad in a second, and they bring passion and energy to each of their live shows. 

Their debut EP, Give Up The Ghost, is slated for release soon, but you can hear “Burn it Down” now on YouTube and it’s available for purchase on iTunes. The video was directed by Rahim, and the song was produced by Tuk Smith of The Biters.

Give it a listen, and be sure to watch out for the full release of Give Up The Ghost. Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights are a band you don’t want to miss - and for more, check out their social media below!

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