Calcedon Shares New Single

Brielle Goheen, under the name Calcedon, has premiered her new single entitled “Sparrow.” The song is a sample of her upcoming album Echo In. Debuted in video form on Silent Shout!, the single sonically, lyrically and visually depicts a fully unified artistic vision surrounding her moniker, (Calcedon) which by definition means "a faulted vein which runs through a gemstone.” Goheen sings “when a thing is built too fast it’s weak” as she is shown repairing broken ceramic pottery.

Check it out below!

The metaphor is completed as the process is seemingly overlooked by an alternative representation of herself in the form of a statue whose own cracks and imperfections are visible, yet do not seem to erode the overall beauty of the sculpture.

The sound of “Sparrow” is particular to Calcedon, but to someone who has not heard it, a fair comparison would be a fusion of Sia’s pop digestibility and Katie Melua’s artisanal avant-garde feel in songs like “The Flood.” The vocal sound is clean and poppy with a tastefully sputtered delivery, almost as if to further push the imagery of the beautiful yet broken quality of the subject in question. Musically, there is a significant electronic element to the song, yet it maintains an aura that somehow still feels more performed than programmed.

Watch the video above, and keep watch for the album Echo In as it will be available soon on March 25th, 2017! For other info, check out their social media below!

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