VACAY Releases New Single, 'Shoes'

Levi Randall is a man of all trades. An actor to some, and VACAY to others - the music based project Levi is apart of just recently released their brand, new single "Shoes." Check it out below!

His aim with VACAY is to create an identity of his own and make music with integrity, which can be heard on his latest single "Shoes." Mixing delicate indie rock with earnest lyrics, it's easy to understand and digest why the actor enjoys channeling this part of his creative energy.

"The inspiration for 'Shoes' came from a girl that I worked with," he explains. "I had a massive crush on her and we connected really well, but she was getting married. I wrote this song to get the jealousy and pain off of my chest.The silver lining to going through pain is what you learn through the situation and of course, the honest songs that come from it. My hope is that this song will relate to many people’s situations. If they are going through something similar, that they’d find comfort in knowing they are not alone. The songs that speak the most to me are the ones that are saying the words I felt but couldn’t find."

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