Lunch Ladies Stream New Single "Pick Yourself Up"

lunch ladies.jpg

Lunch Ladies embody an uncommon sound. Think Vampire Weekend meets some random carnival music. It may sound strange, but the NJ natives manage to invoke some memories reminiscent of your careless childhood jaunts down a New Jersey boardwalk plus whatever creepiness you forgot exists at a New Jersey boardwalk. It can perhaps be the theme to an old time hipster, but still terrifying fun house. Like one in American Horror Story.  

Stream it below!

"Pick Yourself Up," is the first single off Lunch Ladies’ debut album, Down on Sunset Strip, slated for release on March 10th, 2017.

Singer Cynthia Rittenbach’s vocal tone provides a sense of playful vertigo one may find themselves in during a post-apocalyptic trip to Coney Island, where you’re completely alone and the rides are mysteriously operating by themselves. However, the creepiness gives way to a feeling of harmony as each instrument fits snug in between the quick taps of a hi-hat cymbal. By the end of the song you may feel a bit dizzy and hypnotized, but isn’t that what songs are supposed to do?

Upcoming Tour dates:

2/15 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn, NY
3/10 - The J House - New Brunswick, NJ (release show)
4/14 - Brighton Bar - Long Branch, NJ