New Music Video From Civil Youth

Philly's very own Civil Youth have been busy preparing their May 19th release of their album, Conversations, and in doing so, have been teasing fans with a flurry of singles and video releases!

Civil Youth is thrilled to release the first track off of Conversations, "Belief," with a live-action lyric video that can be viewed here. Belief is an ultra-catchy track that highlights the band's genre-bending diversity.

Check out the video below!

Lead singer Michael Kepko states, "We couldn't be more excited to finally show you what we've been working on for the last year! Our first single, "Belief" from our new album, Conversationsis here! We told you this record was going to be heavier, more catchy, and more aggressive. What better song to kick you in the face other than "Belief?" This is the first single out of 3 songs to come before we release the album on May 19th! This video is very special to us not only because we shot it in our hometown of Philadelphia, but also, every word you read is my actual hand writing with our own drawings to go along with the words. It's the first thing from the new album we get to show you, and it's an anthem to get you to stand for what you believe in. Remember why you started what you're doing and don't stop until you define your own success. This is only the beginning, ¬•outh. Pass, share, and bump this song to everyone you know. We hope you enjoy!"

Catch the music video up above in the meantime! For more info on Civil Youth and what's coming up for them, check out their social media below!

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