Joe Marson Releases Politically-Driven Single

Alternative/Soul singer-songwriter Joe Marson is back with another single. This time around however, his release is a bit political. "Explore/Explode" is a response to the results of the recent U.S. Presidential Election. The foreboding tune begs listeners to ask themselves "Where will we go from here in the next 4 years? Will we explore and expand? Will we become more open-minded, listen to each other and begin to understand one another? Will we become less divided? Will the metaphorical walls built up between us due to alternative points of view dissolve? Or will we explode or rather, implode? Will we fall apart as a free and just nation?"

Regardless of your conclusion, you can stream "Explore/Explode" below:

To give listeners a better understanding of "Explore/Explode", Joe Marson reflected on the track:

"Inspired by the recent election, I was thinking a lot about humanity's darker tendencies vs what we could be. Explorers. Of the unknown both of our planet and beyond. Or the less evolved of us could rise to power and ruin everything with war and greed. The song is about ultimately about hope vs fear. I created this song on my computer, a method of writing I have never tried before. It was fun finally being able to use some synth and drum loops on a project. Everything else was recorded in my bedroom."

Otherwise, after questioning everything about humanity and why we behave the way we do, keep up with Joe Marson on:

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Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.