DYLYN Releases New Single “Mimosa”

Up-and-coming pop singer DYLYN’s new single encompasses the feeling of what it’s like to be stuck inside your own head. With an original sound combined with lyrics that poignantly describe the struggle of feeling like the world is coming down around you, “Mimosa” sends the message that sometimes it’s necessary to take a breath and just let go.

For people who struggle with anxiety, and anyone else who knows what it’s like to face seemingly impossible hurdles in life, this song comes across as truthful and real. It’s a song that lets you know you’re not alone; other people all around you may be facing the exact same problems, and knowing that you don’t have to face these issues by yourself can bring comfort. That’s what this song tries to get across, and it succeeds. 

Check out a stream of the track below on Soundcloud!

“Many of us experience some sort of anxiety throughout our lives,” says DYLYN. “The song captivates the inner struggle we go through in our heads, that battle to either drown in it or fight it.” But with “Mimosa”, DYLYN tells her audience that taking a deep breath and letting things happen is sometimes the best way to find solace in your anxiety.

Produced by Colin Munroe, who has worked with artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake, “Mimosa” is now available for streaming on SoundCloud and Spotify!

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