Mad Ones Stream "End of You"

Toronto-based indie rockers, Mad Ones, (I guess they're British, too?) recently dropped "End of You", a fun and light indie rock track you'd listen to during a getting-ready-for-the-day morning montage. It sort of makes you feel like a late 20's, messy-haired misfit trying (and failing to) finally find footing in the harsh waters of adult life after years of protesting, virtue signaling and active participation in varying social media echo chambers. This track pairs well with the moments you duel with the snooze button or struggle to catch public transportation to your cubicle on time...the days of working at a vegan cafe and PBR-soaked nights long gone. The end of you.

You can stream "End of You" below!

New listeners and fans alike will be glad to hear that "End of You" was released as a single to promote Regretless - the Mad Ones' new album due out Friday, March 3rd. On top of this thrill of a release, the Toronto-ans will be embarking on a European tour coinciding with the album's release.

Tour Dates can be found below!

Mad Ones Spring Tour:
March 5 - Schaffhausen, Switzerland at Tobaco Lounge
March 7 - Geneva, Switzerland at Urgence Disk Records
March 9 - Mannheim, Germany at Kurz Bar
March 10 - Halle, Germany at Hühnermanhattan
March 11 - Magdeburg, Germany at Lion City Pub
March 12 - Braunswcheig, Germany at Nexus
March 14 - Chemnitz, Germany at Subway To Peter
March 15 - Prague, Czech at (A)void Floating Gallery
March 16 - Vienna, Austria at Kramladen
March 17 - Feldbach, Austria at Glam
March 18 - Beltinci, Slovenia at Ambasada SKM
March 19 - Ajdovščina, Slovenia at Klub Baza
March 20 - Novi Sad, Serbia at CK13
March 21 - Kecskemet, Hungary at Kilele Music Cafe
March 22 - Budapest, Hungary at S8
March 23 - Nuremberg, Germany at Hannemann
March 24 - Brussels, Belgium at Rock Classic
April 8 - Toronto, Canada at The Silver Dollar Room

Otherwise, you can keep up with the Mad Ones on their social media below!

Mad Ones: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter

Dylan Young

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