CHANCES Release Debut Single

Canadian electro/pop trio CHANCES recently put out their first single "Shine". Despite being an electronic-based track, "Shine" also contains world music elements layered throughout, featuring harmonic group vocals and tribe-like tom/kick hits and claps littered throughout.

It is almost as if the group is made up of representatives of some tribe from the year 2054 who came back in time to 2017 to warn us of the consequences of air pollution before humanity is decimated. 

Conspiracy theories aside, you can stream "Shine" below!

CHANCES is basically a mix between Björk, tUnE-yArDs and your favorite EDM artist(s) I don't know extensively enough about to mention. Regardless, the trio has a fresh, light and fun sound despite their origin being Montreal (dark, cold and depressing). Perhaps their unique blend of brighter genres is their personal means of coping with MTL's drab vibe? Who knows. On top of that, the group has no *announced* plans for an EP or LP release anytime soon, so the mystery continues.

But anyway, keep up with these futurist Canadians on their social media below!

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Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.