DozerTX Release New Single "Fixated"

Teen angst is perpetual. Thankfully we have bands like DozerTX to guide us through with their most recent release, "Fixated," which was shared in anticipation for their upcoming album, Centerpiece - due out on March 10th!

Stream "Fixated" below!

On a realistic note, the post hardcore scene seems to produce a higher caliber of musicians, but at the expense of some measure of originality. 

DozerTX has authentic talent but this song is laden with "Cute Without The E" vibes. They wanted to write about heartbreak and how it always seems to strike when your life is already in disarray. Even though the chaos can feel like its enveloping you, pushing forward is the only thing you could do. Singer/guitarist Kevin Cale explains how they wanted to convey a feeling of solidarity with their fans, he says that a breakup can make everything else seem pointless, but even though it feels as though life is falling apart at once, the only thing to do is push forward.

The track is the 2nd  on the bands upcoming album Centerpiece, the second album from their which is scheduled to be released on March 10th. You can pre-order the album here

Centerpiece Track Listing:
1. Smoke Screen
2. Fixated 02:46
3. Centerpiece
4. Leech
5. Breathe Deep

For more on DozerTX and what they're up to, especially if you dig the new track, check out their social media to keep up on the upcoming releases and news they plan to share!

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