Crazy Bones Release Video For "Melting"

A fresh dedication to 90’s grunge, Crazy Bones’ Melting gives you that ketamine lined heavy duty sound reminiscent of early Soundgarden with a hints of Queens of the Stone age. The song was written to describe a beachfront scene when the ocean looked to be melting the reflections on its surface. It created a feeling of wanting to join the scenery and melt away with it.

Check out "Melting" below!

The setting sun above the ocean distorts the colors and shows us how reality can vary from where you’re standing. That feeling of melting isn’t always careless and euphoric. Many times its accompanied by a certain helplessness and panic. Crazy bones has captured that feeling and still manages to rock with the energy of an upset Rottweiler.  


According to the band, The EP will be out “soon” so until then, do your best to catch them touring on the dates below!

Crazy Bones Tour Dates:
March 2 Toronto- Bovine Sex Club W/Brenda, Jean Daddy, Milhouse
March 4 Brantford- TBA
March 23 Toronto- Painted Lady W/Onionface & Wine Lips
March 24 Ottawa- Bar Robo W/Onionface & Ornaments
March 25 Montreal- TBA W/Onionface

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