Hot Single From The New Tarot

New York indie sibling-fronted group, The New Tarot, recently dropped "America", a single off their forthcoming debut album (title/release date unknown). The single is a light, indie, politically-driven track reminiscent of Florence & the Machine or for some reason, that "My Beloved Monster" song by the Eels tucked in the Shrek (2001) soundtrack. 

Anyway, you can stream "America" below!

"America" sets an interesting tone for what listeners might expect to hear on the mystery album. It is ukulele heavy, but has a solid build up and arrangement throughout, with a full band eventually coming into the fold offering more indie vibes and delay/tremolo/slide guitar soundscapes. However, arrangement aside, I did enjoy the satirical elements found in the lyrics. Monika and Karen Walker (the sisters that make up the sibling element of the New Tarots) sing of what I gather to be a look at the American ego or condition:

"I'm so wonderful, yeah, I'm screwed up, so full of myself, I'm never good enough, America, home of the free and chained... "

Given the subject matter of this track and what the album is slated to be about, those interested and/or disillusioned by American politics or even just the U.S. in general will find solace in these sounds the New Tarots make ESPECIALLY if you like Florence & the Machine or any band/artist that features a female vocal accompanied by ukulele.

The New Tarots' album title and release date is unknown, however, keep up with the indie group on their social media below!

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Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.