Trevor Shelley de Brauw Streams new EP "Uptown"

This is a turbulent period in history to be alive. 

As mankind heads towards an uncertain future, these dark and ominous times seem to call for some dark and ominous music. You may be feeling fearful about politics, gloomy about student debt, or maybe you just found out that Starbucks is out of caramel brule. Whatever the case for your despair, this soundtrack is full of dark, young adult angst and will add some fitting ambiance to your day.

Chi-town guitarist, Trevor Shelley de Brauw (pretty rad name, right?) has just streamed his 6 song EP Uptown, and perhaps found a way to describe the feeling that accompanies seeing people move on with their lives without you.

With all but one being entirely void of lyrics, each of these tracks takes an array of experimental guitar tones and turns them into wailing ambient soundscapes. It varies in vibes from dark and lonely to really dark and lonely, however still managing to make each song distinct in emotion and sound. The end track From The Black Soil Poetry and Song Sprang takes the foreboding mood and turns it a bit more hopeful, making you feel some sort of realization took in yourself, or in whoever this album may be describing.

Peep the sad eeriness on his soundcloud and make sure to download his album slated for official release on Feb 10th.