'We're Still Here' From Above the Moon To Aid Planned Parenthood

One of The Hook's long time favorites, Above The Moon, recently released a brand new single, "We're Still Here."

The track was released on January 20th, the inaugural day of 45th President, Donald Trump. As the country rightfully begins to protest against the seemingly hostile new president, Above The Moon has spent their time wisely - introducing a new track for listeners, and the best part is that all of the proceeds from the single will be donated to Planned Parenthood!

Check out a stream of it below!

The anthemic track highlights some of the misconceptions that have risen from the election, and is a validating quietude of reminding "him that you're here, we don't have much to fear anymore." 

This one is for a good cause, so definitely check out Above The Moon and donate for a good reason!

Above The Moon: Website // Bandcamp