Rebekah Todd Releases Single

NC-based alt/indie/soul singer-songwriter Rebekah Todd recently debuted her single "Let Me Prove My Love" on Paste Magazine. This release follows the recent success of her Kickstarter campaign, wherein Rebekah raised a staggering $30k in order to create, market and release her sophomore album, Crooked Lines, due out Friday, February 17th. 

Anyway, see what the hype is about! You can stream "Let Me Prove My Love" below!

What I like about this track and what it indicates about Rebekah's songwriting is that she is a thoughtful writer who is able to construct timeless music. As corny as the label is, I think she is an "old soul" (lol). But besides my dad observations, the track is solid. You can see where a good chunk of that $30k went. The production is A-1, the instruments supporting her successfully get across the emotion of the track, as does Todd's vocal and lyric choice:

 "I'd swim 5,000 miles if my body would let me.
"They say that flying's the hard part, but I say it's harder touching the ground."

These are powerful lyrics in that the song is about Rebekah's lover from Chile whom she is separated by geographically. This theme is prevalent throughout, as she gets across the sort of bittersweet feeling of having someone so special, yet not being able to be with them in the moment and the pain that comes with that. 

Anyway, Rebekah Todd's album drops next month, but in the meantime, keep up with her on her
social media below!

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