Doombird Releases New Album

Sacramento-based indie/electronic outfit, Doombird, recently put out their new album and first *official* release entitled Past Lives. The group, founded by Kris Anaya (former frontman of An Angle) and Joseph Davancens (touring member/collaborator with Tycho), have been in cahoots as far back as 2010 and put out several *unofficial* releases over the years before hunkering down to record Past Lives. The album offers familiar, ambient guitar/bass and electronic tones found in Tycho's music coupled with Kris Anaya's soft vocal, which make for easy listening on a cloudy day or early AM hours.

You can stream Past Lives below:

Interestingly enough, Past Lives features members of Foster the People, Geographer and Mr. Metaphor...additionally, it was mixed & mastered by Robert Cheek (Band of Horses, Deftones, Chelsea Wolfe). With this stacked line-up of collaborators, the record boasts a super polished, well-produced edge that gives it an undeniable musical quality. But beyond the auditory aesthetics of the album, the tone it pushes forward is of the melancholy sort, which offers a more grounded feel. Throughout the record, the group explores anxiety, existentialism and various elements of the human experience that make it relatable and frankly, a little bit dark (which is healthy and to a degree, therapeutic).

Released via Gold Standard Records, Past Lives can be downloaded/purchased here. Otherwise, you can keep up with Doombird on:

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