Another Single From George Morris

Indie rocker George Morris is back to promote his upcoming album with the release of a second single entitled "Full of Stars". The track takes you on an astral journey, as you float through the cosmos with George and his haunting melody.

I like this track a lot - there's a certain liberating tone to it. It's almost like a high school-esque, coming-of-age song that you'd watch a montage of the good 'ole days's also a good song to die to honestly. You'd hear this song as your car slowly takes on more water and you slip under the surface of that lake you accidentally drove into.

Anyway, besides having a glimpse into the dark inner workings of my mind, you can stream "Full of Stars" below!

But besides all the macabre and nostalgic elements I introduced earlier, the song is about space apparently. Confirming this was George talking about the single:

"'Full of Stars' basically all came from the Space Odyssey books by Arthur C. a few random rhymes...the chorus is one of my favorite melodies I've written, probably because I don't remember writing it."

Otherwise, George Morris' album, We Will Go To Hell For This, drops Friday, February in the meantime, keep "Full of Stars" and "100 Years" on repeat and keep up with the artist on:

George Morris: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.