EXCLUSIVE: greygoesblack Premieres 'Please'

The Hook is excited to work in tandem with Central NJ indie/electronic group, greygoesblack to premiere their latest single, "Please."

"Please" is the first track off of an upcoming 6-track EP that greygoesblack has spent months working on and perfecting. And inside there was only water will be released Feb 2017 with a limited snow globe USB edition and a standard compact disc along with all digital formats! Which is exciting news for listeners and fans (like us)!

Check out "Please" streaming exclusively on Soundcloud here at The Hook below!

greygoesblack consists of Matt (vocals, guitar), James (bass, keys), and Steve (drums, electronics), and after releasing 2 EPs, the group decided to work on a more complex and deeper sound. To do this they began adding more electronic elements to their songs, which culminated In April 2016 as they went into coffee Haus studios with Engineer Ben Feldman. After 7 months of chipping away on Friday nights they have finally finished their 6 track EP, and inside there was only water.

The band says that this new album showcases a more mature and darker electronic side of the band. "Please" highlights this with in a few different, new, and exciting ways from previous tracks that we've encountered from greygoesblack! Between the wailing, longing vocals from Matt - and the keys highlighting each hard hitting note, while the quiet of the guitar and drums keep rhythmic balance in a song that reminds me of bands like Coldplay.

We personally really enjoyed the new track, and are exciting to witness the completed, finalized EP! For more on greygoesblack, this premiere, or other news, check out their social media links below!

greygoesblack: Facebook // bandcamp