Karabas Barabas Release Music Video

"Wha chu know 'bout being a man?!" Karabas Barabas scream in their song entitled "Being a Man". The self-proclaimed, Brooklyn-based "magick rock trio" challenge your masculinity throughout the tune, bringing up toils such as washing dishes, sticking it to the Man or wearing Christmas sweaters.

With such an intriguing concept for a song, you will be pleased to hear the group put out a music video to accompany it, which you can stream below!

Karabas Barabas is a very bizarre group, if not for the subject matter in "Being a Man", but for their strange sound. Karabas brings to mind bands like Primus, Ween, Gogol Bordello or Mr. Bungle so if you're a weirdo, you'll like this group. Still not sold? Maybe you'll appreciate the fact that their album, Return of the Sexy Demon, was recorded and mixed by industry legend Steve Albini.

Otherwise, the music video, at its core purpose, is to promote their previously mentioned album, Return of the Sexy Demon, which you can find on their Bandcamp. But if you're interested in keeping up with the strange group that is Karabas Barabas, head over to their social media below!

Karabas Barabas: Facebook // Bandcamp // Youtube // Instagram // Bandsintown

Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.