Planning for Burial Release Single “Whiskey and Wine” Ahead of March Album

Planning for Burial, the one man “gloom” band, has released the first single “Whiskey and Wine” off of their upcoming record entitled Below the House which is due out March 10th.

Full of raw spirit and emotion, the track opens up with an intense and heavy instrumental reminiscent of forks scratching a plate, complete with huge cymbal crashes and guitar chords. After this viscous intro, Thom Wasluck, aka the one man in the band, comes in with his screaming vocals which appropriately and somewhat comically juxtapose the innocent and fragile chimes we hear throughout the song in such an interesting way. It’s an introspective, and dynamic track that harkens back to the band’s first album.

What exactly is Planning for Burial, gloom music, and who is Thom Wasluck? Planning for Burial, the solo project started by Wasluck, classifies itself as a gloom band which can be considered a sort of “blend of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, 90s alt rock and drone.”

For the upcoming record Below the House Wasluck returned to his childhood home in Pennsylvania where he quickly found himself conforming to a life of routine monotony participating in the family trade. Work, home alcohol. Wash, rinse repeat.

Planning for Burial’s third full length record is an answer to all of this personal turmoil, life questions, and much more. “Whiskey and Wine” is the perfect intro to everything this record represents, and here at the Hook, we couldn’t be more excited for its March 10th release. 

Planning for Burial: Facebook // Bandcamp // Official Site