Dryjacket Release Brand New Album

Lovers of the iconic (and holy) trinity that is Taylor ham, egg & cheese will rejoice to hear that NJ-based indie group Dryjacket finally dropped their first album. For Posterity is the band's highly-awaited full length effort after having released their debut EP, Lights, Locks & Faucets back in 2015.

For a lite taste of what you can expect to hear off the indie/math rock-y album, check out "Spelling Era" below!

Reflecting on the single, vocalist/guitarist Joe Junod explained how:

"(Spelling Era) describes two colleagues whose relationship remains strictly professional despite the one's failed "romantic" advances..."

If that doesn't make you cringe then I dunno what will. Because what better way to establish a healthy, productive work relationship than making unwanted advances on your co-worker(s)? Why behave like a professional? Pfft. Conformity, man. But on the bright side, Dryjacket is able to mask this bro-culture savagery with their compelling mix of indie/math rock elements...I'd go as far as saying the group is kinda like a mix of kidcrash and American Football (yes, let your little emo hearts flutter at the mention of that sacred band).

Released through Hopeless Records, Dryjacket's album is bound to satisfy long-time listeners eager to hear the group's first attempt at a full length release or those who are fans of the bands previously mentioned. You can peep the track listing below:

For Posterity Track Listing:

1. Wicker Couch

2. Epi Pen Pals

3. Spelling Era

4. Two Toasters

5. Titebond IV

6. Abe LinkedIn

7. Misused Adrenaline

8. Milo with an "H"

9. Bill Gates' Ringtone

10. Patron Without Funds

11. Ana [an-uh, an-nuh]

Otherwise, when you finish sulking over the American Football-esque nostalgia the album influences, you can keep up with Dryjacket on:

Dryjacket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.