The Heroic Enthusiasts Share EP

New York City-based indie rockers The Heroic Enthusiasts have recently released their second EP, entitled The Second Three coming as a follow-up to their last EP back in February, Memory Wheel.

This release strengthens the band's indie rock sound and sensibilities, taking cues from 80's indie legends such as Echo & The Bunnymen and The Smiths. They're hoping that The Second Three catches on like their last release did. They've released their lead single to the album “Summer Serenade." You can check out the entirety of the EP (or “3P,” as they call it) on SoundCloud as well. 

The Heroic Enthusiasts members James Tabbi and Thomas Ferrara are both math and music majors, so their understanding of the numbers in music and sound shine through in their vision for the band. They can craft memorable chords and melodic harmonies by being able to blend the line between musician and technician in the craft of songwriting. They wear their influences on their sleeves with their post-pop 80's sound, borrowing from the style of Talking Heads, The Cars, and R.E.M. 

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