Sunndrug Release New Song, "Shining"

Sunndrug, an indie quintet out of Virginia Beach, has just unveiled a new song entitled “Shining”. The track is the latest single from their upcoming debut album, Exit Wounds.

When Sunndrug began, it was as an outlet for vocalist Jimmy Reeves. He was navigating a relationship of 10 years that was falling apart, an inspiration for lyrics if there ever was one. The album is a “narrative of a man coming apart at the seams as he attempts to get a fix on a reality that is nothing more than sand in his fist”.

Reeves had this to say about the new track, "'Shining' was the last song we wrote before starting to record the album. Its working title was 'Bonham Song' because the sonic inspiration for it came from the way Led Zeppelin played the blues. It’s a jilted love story based around the setting of a well curated online life being a mirage for a person whose reality doesn’t live up to it. The end of the song is a moment on the record I’m particularly proud of because I think the music evokes something even without lyrics."

Exit Wounds is out this fall from Mind Over Matter Records.

1. White Ladders
2. Denial
3. Blackout
4. Psyvamp
5. Shining
6. Stilts
7. Exit Wounds
8. Halo
9. Big Data
10. Echolalia
11. Group Therapy
12. Young Blood

You can also catch Sunndrug on a brief tour right now, dates below!

Sunndrug Tour Dates:
9/09 @ Speakertree Records - Lynchburg, VA
9/10 @ 25 Watt - Richmond, VA
9/23 @ Back Bay Brewing - Virginia Beach, VA
9/24 @ The Garage - Winston-Salem, NC
11/05 @ Back Bay Brewing - Virginia Beach, VA

For more info, check out their social media!

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