Odette/Odile Releases New Single

Electro-pop outfit Odette/Odile is releasing their single "Ceases to Beat." Signed with All Access Music, this power pop track draws their inspiration from traditional Japanese roots as well as the J-pop scene. Check them out below!

Inspired by their love for Japanese culture and video games, the group named themselves after the 1981 TOE Animation version of Swan Lake. The rising dup is already making their mark in the niche genre. In 2010, the duo was commissioned to write the theme song for the Anime Boston Convention ceremony-- the result was "Hachimitsu," Japanese for "Honey."

These guys are more than musically talented. They create visual art! Keith, the producer, is also a game designer. Ashely, on vocals, is a visual artist. Naturally, the two compose Anime-style comics that depict their music.

As advocates of the "nerd culture," this elecronic pop duo seeks to invoke childhood nostalgia for comic-book, and game enthusiasts. Check it out on their social media!

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