Deadfellow Shares "I Dreamed I Lost My Girl" Music Video

Deadfellow (On Set) 1.jpg

Indie artist Deadfellow entered the remaining moments of summer with a new music video for listeners – a teaser, if you will, for the upcoming "tongue-in-cheek" EP, Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener

Directed by Nahir Francis, the video itself is the keeper of quiet images– somber, and serene. Deadfellow’s voice carries a powerful feeling of sadness, loss and remembrance through scenes of recollection, and familiarity. This video felt personal; secretive, but it reminded me of my own experiences - of human experiences, even.

Maybe perfect for this period of transition, from summer to fall, the video is a piece that highlights the track “I Dreamed I Lost My Girl,” which explores a few different concepts that Deadfellow seems to focus on naturally – a production of an age we live in. Deadfellow calls it “the Tinder Age, where even phone calls have become uncomfortably intimate,” and that’s most definitely the vibe we felt watching this video – gooey, uncomfortable, lonely even.

But, you can check out the video for yourself below!

What’s it like to lose a loved one, to imagine loss, to be alone? 

I’m a sure question we’ve all wondered – at home alone, cooking for ourselves, also half drunk and unsure. This music video was perfect for “I Dreamed I Lost My Girl,” all at once sublime and ethereal, but still living and breathing in the quiet moments. 

But, maybe the most interesting thing about this track and it's music video, is that Hayden (Deadfellow, ah we ruined the secret) finds them both "hilarious," for reasons completely unknown. And hey, that's ok too.

Deadfellow is also staying up to date with shows, and you can check out some of those dates below!

Deadfellow Show Dates:
September 9th // Chaplin's Spring City, PA (All Ages)
September 24th // Dewey Beach Music Conference (Jimmy's Grille Stage, All Ages)

Do check out this music video, a Hook recommended piece, and definitely be prepared for Deadfellow’s EP, Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener, out in November of this year. Until then, stay updated with Deadfellow via the social media links provided below!

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