Cries Of The Captive Unleash New Album

Imminence Records has been signing some of the best upcoming acts in the underground music scene, releasing albums for Hook-approved bands like Stages, The Apprehended, and Perdition, to name a few. However, Utah's nastiest deathcore juggernauts Cries Of The Captive may be the heaviest band they've pulled onto their roster as of late, and as of September 23rd, their debut album, Totalitarian, is available for your listening pleasure! We've provided the title track below as a sample of their brutality, and you can stream the album in its entirety by following the Bandcamp link at the bottom of the page!

Started in 2011, Cries Of The Captive's current line-up consists of Mason Blair on vocals; Jordan Huemiller, Skyler Dustin, and Justin Hill on guitar; and Kyler Loughlin on drums.  The band took a year to bring its fans a solid body of new material, kicking a notch up on the bone-breaking rhythmic sensibilities, merciless beatdown-influenced grooves, and gnarly guttural, slam-inspired vocal delivery they're known for. 

Totalitarian Tracklist:

1. Grief
2. Closed Casket
3. Totalitarian
4. Dead Zone
5. Gaptooth
6. Cataclysm
7. Collapse
8. Abomination
9. Dissolution

The band will also be playing a show with Whitechapel and Oceano on October 24th in Idaho Falls, with more shows presumably to follow in support of the album. Be sure to follow this band online if you're liking what you're hearing. As always, stay tuned! 

Cries Of The Captive: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp