Ray Hodge Inspires With "I Am King" Music Video

With emotion that can only be conveyed in a hymnal like this, songwriter Ray Hodge drops the first single off his upcoming October 28th EP, Braveheart.

His voice is best described as a high pitched lullaby coupled with smooth undertones and Michael Jackson-esque screams. The single “I am King” is an over the top inspirational track reminding you that when you’re struggling, the best place to look for strength is within. Ray explains the song as a tribute to his future children to never lose hope when faced with hardship. The song is a full bodied a cappella with layers of gentle hums underneath crisp vocals.

The simplistic music video conveys his intense emotion through his grasping hand movements and painful expressions and a singular drum-clap beat gives the song a marching steadiness that compliments its motivational theme.

Braveheart EP Tracklist:
1. I Am King
2. Voodoo
3. Braveheart
4. If It's Easy
6. Fast Drive



However, that same steadiness proves to be a bit one-dimensional as the inspirational charm wears off in the ending moments. The closing vocal crescendo is a nice touch and a perfect example of Ray’s vocal range, but seems to be predictable. His early performances showed his prowess as a soulful rock & roll front man, but “I am King” makes him sound like the lead in a nu-wave gospel choir. While his voice maybe perfect fit for both, it’s a little more perfect when coupled with a drum kit and guitar.

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