Glenn Matthews Premiere "Supposed To Know"

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In preparation for an upcoming September EP release, Philadelphia native band Glenn Matthews has been sharing tracks with listeners over the past few months - itching in anticipation.

Today, Glenn Matthews shared their most recent single, "Supposed To Know." The track joins the ranks along with "Scab Over," and "On Repeat" which had been released on July 24th and August 16th. Both tracks express a somber quietude that echoes thanks to the baritone guitar's featured sound - a marked trait of Glenn Matthews as they've grown.

You can check out "Supposed To Know" streaming on youtube below!

"Supposed To Know" comes off the highly anticipated EP, Maintenance, which will be available on September 30th. The music video is simple, tasteful and fits the tone that "Scab Over" and "On Repeat" have carried. However, "Supposed To Know" feels instrumentally more up - more reminiscent of vibes that "On Repeat" shares - which we hope means a fluidity of sound and lyricism that these 3 pre-released tracks exist within.

We're really into Glenn Matthews, and we're really excited for this EP - which seems like it will be a perfect soundtrack for the beginning of Fall - and while things are still warm and green right now, it still feels comfortable. 

Definitely check out Glenn Matthews via the social media links below, check back with us for more updates, send them a handwritten letter on why "Supposed To Know" is your new favorite. You know the drill.

Glenn Matthews: Facebook // Bandcamp